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Brighter Days


In life, we all have adversity that we have to get through. Adversity comes in all different forms. Some people lose their job, some people lose a family member, and some people even gel bullied for being different. Everything that we go through in life plays a part in who we decided to become. No matter the adversity that is out there every clay is a new clay. Our goal is to try and help people that may be going through a tough time or have been through a tough time, that there arc Bright Days ahead.


Christopher James Rider was a generous and caring man. Chris served in the Air Force Branch of the United States military and loved spending time with his friends and family. Many of the people that came across Chris loved him due to how caring he was for others. On June 19, 2019, Chris took his own life. No one knew how badly he was feeling until it was too late. He suffered from diabetes and depression. In memory of Christopher James Rider, every product will have his “CJR” to remember the reason that this company was started and to remember the loved one that was lost. Some of the proceeds will be donated to Mental Health Organization to help fight depression.


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